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About Us

Sacred Dreams was founded in 1999 by myself, Debra Mills (current artist), and Katie Prosser. At the time I had just undergone neck surgery after a car accident and Katie, my god-daughter, had moved in to take care of me during recovery. During our many hours of beadworking and watching movies, we started thinking about a way to sell our beadwork online, as the internet market was booming. And thus, Sacred Dreams was born.

Sacred Dreams has undergone many changes throughout the past 9 years, including website redesign and the addition of many new products. Originally, we started by offering beaded jewelry, dream catchers, and beaded/fur purses. Now we've expanded to include bookmarks, cell phone charms, dog/cat collars, beaded ornaments, wedding accessories, and amulet pouches.

Katie and I designed this business so that customers could custom order beaded items according to their own color/taste preferences, special outfit, or special day. The amount of customization has also changed over the years according to the materials that are available. New patterns and ideas emerge constantly, and as a result, the items and preferences we offer change as well. Customization is our specialty - we want you, the customer, to be entirely pleased with your order. Every attempt is made to ensure that what you envision is created with atristry and attention to detail.


In Loving Memory of

Katie Marie Prosser

Beloved daughter, sister, teacher, friend

11/28/78- 8/1/2006

Katie Marie Prosser

This site is dedicated to the memory of Katie Marie Prosser, one of the founders of Sacred Dreams.

May you always dance with joy.

Beautiful daughter and sister, Katie Marie Prosser, was born on August 28th, 1978 in Santa Clara, CA. She began dancing for the creator on August 1st, 2006, after a tragic automobile accident.

Katie was one of the original founders of Sacred Dreams Custom Beadwork (1999). Together with the current artist, Debra Mills, they sought to bring their beautiful artwork to others who shared their love for beads and beauty.

Katie was a 1996 graduate from Pleasant Valley High School and had recently completed her Nurses Aide certification. She was pursuing a career in nursing.

Katie loved cars, especially low riders. She had recently started her own business, "Southside Customs", where she did auto-upholstry, auto-painting, and bodywork. She also enjoyed many forms of music, from rap to country to oldies, and she had a beautiful singing voice.

She embraced her Cherokee and Chocktaw heritage and was artisitcally creative in beadworking. She loved to dance at PowWows, and especially enjoyed the Fancy Dance in her native regalia and beautifually beaded shawl (see picture above) made for her by her godmother, Debra Mills.

Katie was a loving, giving person. Never a day went by when she wasn't engaged in helping someone. Her smile and joy will be greatly missed.

Fancy Dance Eagle Shawl

Katie's Fancy Dance Shawl
Beaded Eagle Wings with the Cherokee symbol
Made by Debra Mills


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